Wednesday, January 27, 2010

La Sportiva

I'm happy to say I have joined the La Sportiva Mountain Running team for the 2010 season. I used their shoes for all of my major 2009 races and didn't have any problems with them. I think that they make a great product and I am glad to be able to represent them. I have always been an advocate of their products, but it is really nice to have the company supporting me and my goals. Not sure what the year has in store for me, but it will be great to be running for a company whose product I believe in.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Wow a press release???

I am happy to say that I have recently joined the Hydrapak team. As I posted before I think that they make a great product that really makes things much easier for me out on the trail. They are a great company and seem to really be open to ideas for future products. I am really looking forward to working with them.
And a really cool part of joining the team: I actually have a press release!

Ultra Runner Nathan Yanko Joins Hydrapak Team

Oakland, CA - Hydrapak , a world leader in performance hydration, has increased its commitment to the sport of ultra running through its sponsorship of rising talent, Nathan Yanko.

Yanko has been a strong force on the ultra running scene in California for the past two seasons and will be a making his 2010 presence felt early starting with the H.U.R.T 100 Mile, January 16th in Hawaii.

“I joined the Hydrapak team because they have a great product that I believe in,” says Yanko. “Both the Soft Flask and the Gel-Bot help to make my time on the trail simple and clean. The Gel-Bot and Soft Flask helps me maintain my calorie intake on the trail, and aids in avoiding spikes in my energy levels by allowing me to take in gels and water at a steady rate. I’m looking forward to helping Hydrapak get the exposure they deserve in the ultra running community and providing product feedback to help them grow in this category.”

Yanko won his first trail race in December of 2008, a 17k run in Muir Beach, CA. A month later he attempted his first Ultra Marathon, winning again and setting a course record. This was the start of a very good career for Nathan as he began racking up more wins and trail race experience. In 2009, Yanko won the Rodeo Beach 50K, Humboldt Redwoods Marathon, Redwood Park 50K, Headlands 100 M (course record), Redwood Park 50K and the Pacifica 50K.

“What makes Nathan special is his joy of trail running and the ability to share this enthusiasm to those he comes in contact with…and he’s really fast,” says Jim Vernon, Hydrapak Team Manager. “This was a great combination for us as someone who can inspire others through their dedication to the sport and pure stoke.”

Nathan takes a holistic approach to running that focuses not only on training hard and covering great distances very quickly, but taking care of his body and following a healthy diet and lifestyle. This enables his body to withstand the 120+ mile training weeks common during peak training periods.

Having trained at the Culinary Academy of California and currently a master Baker at Tartine, one of the top restaurants in San Francisco, Nathan Yanko is known for his homemade nutritional concoctions that keep him smiling during his ultra 100-mile races. Hopefully he will soon let us all in on the secret recipe for what he’s been putting in his Gel-Bots and Soft Flasks.

Hydrapak is a leading global supplier of active lifestyle hydration equipment. With deep roots in cycling culture, Hydrapak produces a lineup of custom built hydration backpacks, reservoirs, and bottles for a variety of sports, including biking, hiking, running and riding. Hydrapak components are also found on top manufacturers specializing in consumer, commercial and military purposes. Brought to life in 1996 and located in Oakland, CA, Hydrapak products can be found in major retailers and sport specialty stores throughout the world. More information can be found at <> or by calling 510.632.8318.