Monday, December 14, 2009


This post is long over-due but here it is non-the-less.

I have been using The Gel-Bot from Hydrapak for about six months now on many of my longer trail runs. The Gel-Bot is great because it allows me to be able to consume gels without having to mess around with trying to get packaging open, or out of pockets while on the move or when my hands are too cold and I am lacking dexterity.

I used two of Hydrapak's products for Headlands Hundred in August this year. I was using the Gel-Bot for hydration and gels, and a soft flask for additional gels. The great thing about both of these products for going longer distances is, I was more inclined to take in my calories at a steady rate. This allowed my body to have a constant intake of fuel, instead of slamming down a gel every 45min. This has really helped me to minimize spiking of my energy levels. I am also able to water down my gels in the soft flask making them more palatable and more gentle on my stomach.
I also find I begin taking in my calories much earlier than I would if I am taking a packaged gel. This helps me to stay ahead on calories while running. When we get behind in calories it is so difficult to get back to where we should be.

I think the Gel-Bot is really a solid product that eliminates the fussing of wrappers and stomach issues due to too many calories too quickly. I receive a steady and easily accessible intake of nutrition with the Hydrapak products. This allows me to put my focus less on my calories and more on the rocks on the trail.

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