Saturday, June 12, 2010


Bounty from the Ferry Building Farmers Market

Finally it feels like summer here in the bay area. I have my mother visiting and we have gone wondering around doing some of my favorite things and doing some fun touristy things as well.

Taking the ferry from San Francisco to Sausolito

My first week of training has gone well. I have not been able to make time for long runs this weekend because of my visitor but I think that is fine and probably really good for my body to slowly slide back into the training regimen. I'm looking forward to getting my intensity up again as this week has been loose on training and just picking up the pace a little more than recovery time. Hopefully I'll be able to put in a longish run this Wednesday morning before going to work. After all I need to be sure and be in shape for my WSER pacing duties in a few weeks, I don't want to get dropped!

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