Thursday, June 24, 2010


So this last weekend I was out on a Sunday morning run with Devon up on Mt. Tam. It was a beautiful day and physically my muscles were feeling pretty good. For some reason though I couldn't mentally get into the run. Maybe it was because we started a little late, maybe there were too many people on the trails because of Fathers Day, or maybe I just had things to do after the run that were distracting me. Any how I was simply not feeling the run. This doesn't happen too often with me but when it does I tend to listen to my body. I could have slogged out an additional 10miles (like my original plan was) or I could call it a day at 12miles, enjoy the afternoon and not feel stressed about getting my life in order the rest of the afternoon.
So Devon and I called it a day and went home and made salsa with some of our Eatwell ingredients.

This was a great decision for many reasons; first salsa is delicious, second I want to enjoy my running, third my body was telling me to stop for some reason and I need to listen to that. I have goals for my running and places I want to take my running, but if I'm not enjoying a run then something is wrong and I should be able to pull back from the run and re-access what I am doing and why.
After a nice lunch, and some relaxing down time I was feeling good enough to go out for a quick run through Golden Gate park before dinner. This run felt much better and I was again excited to be out there running.
Sometimes it is good to not take a running schedule too seriously, because ultimately I just want to enjoy myself out there.

6ea Tomatoes (get good local organic ones in season) Seeded and chopped
2ea Jalapeno (I like spicy but use as much or little as you want) seeded and finely chopped
2ea Limes juiced
10ea sprigs cilantro cleaned, dried, chopped
1/2ea red or white onion chopped

Mix it all together let sit at room temp for about 30-60min. Make sure to make more than you think you might need, because there is never enough salsa and it is good with just about everything.

What I decided to do instead of running last Sunday.

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