Saturday, July 3, 2010

48 on the Iron Horse trail

About to start on the Iron Horse Trail

Just got back from my first long run for Burning River in a few weeks. I am doing a quick slam for my training for this race which I am not thrilled about. However I am also curious how it treats me, so for pretty well. I have had a few little issues that with the help of Scott at Psoas Massage I have been able to think of them as only "little issues" and not being totally sidelined by them.

Well the run today was a focus run that I was hoping to go long (45ish miles) but more of the focus was to get some good heat, and lot's of pavement and flat stuff. Living in San Francisco I have to look around to get good long sections of flat. They are there but I just wanted really long flat stuff to mess around with.
I was lucky enough to have crew support in the way of a really cute running chick I refer to as My Special Lady Friend.
The run went great, I was clipping away at 6:40-7:00min miles for the first 24miles. I then faded ever so slightly as the day heated up going closer to 7:00-7:10min miles from mile 24-38. Then the final ten I was starting to hurt a little, I think mostly from lack of electrolytes; so my pace dropped to closer to 7:40-8:00min miles.
Over all a good run that I am pleased with. I pushed myself and realize I need to be doing a better job of electrolyte balance and keeping my pace a little slower early on.

Time for another big training week for me coming up.

Very much needed Slurpee post run.

***Thanks Devon for the photos and great crewing out there!***


  1. Great job on the run and all, but most importantly what flavor slurpee did you go for?

  2. You have a blog, sir? I did not realize that. A belated 'welcome' to the blogosphere!

    Oh, and great run, btw.