Thursday, July 15, 2010

Heat training has it's benefits.

Heat training sucks. It's hot and sweaty, gives me chaffing in places I wish not to mention in this forum, and when I get home I have to wring my clothes out before I can enter the house.
As the post title says though there are benefits to this whole heat training crap.
Today I joined the Dawn Patrol Ninjas on our weekly scouting of the Marin Headlands. Starting at about 5:15am I couldn't stop thinking about what to eat after the run. It had to be one of my favorite treats in all of San Francisco. Off to Trouble Coffee at 46th and Judah to build my own damn house.
Built my own damn house.

It's really hard to beat a post-run meal that includes a cappuccino, a young coconut, and a slice of thick cut toast loaded with butter and cinnamon sugar. Not that I really need to justify eating this stuff when I'm doing well over 100 miles a week but it makes it a little more special when I don't go every day.

Well in other running news I'm ready to start into my taper for Burning River in two weeks. I'm feeling okay right now; tired, a little cranky, achy, and hungry all the time. I must be on the right track then I would think.

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